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Admins: Seline and Sakura, with Darian doing the heavy lifting


If I were to explain to you what Nichijou is, I’d just show you this clip.



angel the series is supposed to be more adult oriented and darker than btvs, but then there are times like that fucking episode where angel got turned into a puppet and attempted to beat spike’s ass for talking shit in front of everyone.


best angel episode ever

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I drew a Nano :>


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♫…and I see… blue skiesThrough the tears in my eyesAnd I realizeI’m going home…♫

♫…and I see… blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realize
I’m going home…♫

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I was listening to Fallen Angel and this happened.

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Um… I think you’re doing it wrong…

Um… I think you’re doing it wrong…

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